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"Looking ahead"

APRIL 3 & 4 2019 - An international conference dedicated to
User Experience Research

UXINSIGHT - Workshops April 3 & Conference April 4 2019


UXinsight is an international event for UX research professionals and anyone interested in UX research. Join us for inspiring talks, workshops, discussions and demos of cutting-edge research tools.

The main conference is on April 4, 2019, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The overall theme will be “Looking Ahead”. We will explore the exciting future of UX research through three lenses: How, Why, Who? Areas of interest are technology & data (the ‘how’), role & purpose (the ‘why’) and inclusiveness & collaboration (the ‘who’).

 The day before the main conference there will be hands-on workshops. These will help UX researchers further develop both their hard and soft skills.

Please sign up for the newsletter if you want to be the first to get notified when ticket sales start. This is one of the few UX events that really focuses on research, so not to be missed!

UXINSIGHT previous editions

More than 300 researchers, designers, managers, conversion specialists and other professionals participated in UXinsight. Highly rated by the audience.

“It was just a great conference that wasn’t pretentious with really valuable talks that I found really insightful.”

“It is great to have a conference only for UX research and to talk to other experts at eye-level”

“Good vibe, very well organized, nice interesting stories.”

Very nice combination of workshops & psychology, research and service design lectures

Awesome event: great inspiration, meeting like-minded people


In the center of the Netherlands, about half an hour from Amsterdam, the Fabrique offers a cool industrial decor and a great atmosphere.