How measuring and testing real-time user behaviour can dramatically improve the UX.

For marketeers and conversion specialists Data-Based Marketing & Data Driven Conversion are definitely huge marketing trends for 2017/18. But how do UX-professionals deal with this new data-driven approach? We do our user-testing, do market research, we interview respondents, we send out our surveys. But there’s additional new tooling out there waiting for us, that can help us to get real-time insights in existing user behaviour.

In this workshop we will learn about the tools used for real-time web-analytics, mouse-tracking and a/b-testing, all to help us get more insights from online user behaviour.

But of course it is not about measuring! In the end it’s about converting this data into insights, and finally converting these insights into UX improvements. Therefore we will practise interpreting web-analytics and converting these findings into hypotheses that we can then actually test in real-time experiments.


Spots available: 10 – 30

Wed 7 March


– 18:00


Eddy Boeve at UXinsight

Eddy Boeve

(Lead generation & UX at Booming)

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