Of course we must make sure people understand and can use the digital products, services and systems we create. But this is not enough. To make everything digital meaningful and valuable to people, we must understand people and the cultural and social context they live in inside out. How can this be done when you try to understand a global audience that is culturally and socially diverse? How can digital products, services and systems respect the global and the local at the same time? What can be rolled out globally and what needs to be localised?

STBY, with its global Reach network, has developed a design research approach to answer these questions. Bas Raijmakers will talk about the right questions to ask and the principles to use when answering these questions.

His presentation will build on 10 years of research around the globe, also captured in his latest book ‘PIONEERS – Thoughts on Global Design Research’.


Thu 8 March


– 15:30


Bas Raijmakers at UXinsight

Bas Raijmakers

(Creative director and owner of STBY)

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