Insights that inspire action

As UX practitioners we use all kinds of tools and techniques to understand customer needs and user behaviour. Over the course of time it has become incredibly easy to collect data and get insights, but the way we share our insights across teams and organisations hardly changed. During this workshop we want to transform you into an investigative journalist and help you improve the impact of insights through storytelling.

We will talk about:

  • why stories have more impact than data
  • how to build your case and turn insights into sticky stories
  • what you can do to deliver stories to the right people to inspire change

We will walk you through the principles of storytelling, share best practices and put you to work to create your own sticky stories.

You will walk away understanding that our work has a lot in common with that of journalists. And that we can have more impact if we use customer stories to create a sense of urgency.  Heck, maybe you will even update your LinkedIn profile to UX Reporter 😉

Wed 7 March


– 18:00



Cor Hospes at UXinsight

Cor Hospes

(Storytelling Consultant at Merkjournalisten)

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Miel de Zwart at UXinsight

Miel de Zwart

(Consultant at Sticktail & Valsplat)

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