Behaviour change design has much to gain with the integration of insights from social psychology in the design process. Similarly, behavioural scientists can greatly benefit from adopting designerly methods to make sure their persuasive strategies ‘work’ in a broad range of user contexts. This integration needs to be done carefully without hampering the creative process nor the scientific validity of the persuasive designs.

In his keynote, Reint Jan presents an evidence-based model (Persuasive by Design) and useful tool (The Behavioural Lenses) that contribute to the design of effective ‘nudges’. The model and tool offer possibilities to enhance user research and concept development by informing designs with principles central to the behavioural sciences.

Thu 8 March


– 17:15


Reint Jan Renes at UXinsight

Reint Jan Renes

(Professor at the University of Utrecht & Wageningen University)

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