Aryel Cianflone in a fireside chat with Raz Schwartz, Facebook AR/VR

Raz Schwartz has travelled all over the world trying to understand how AR & VR technologies fit into people's lives now and how they might in the future. Join Aryel Cianflone of Mixed Methods as they discuss how Raz got to this point in his career, what it's like doing research on the cutting edge [...]

Skills of the modern researcher – Aryel Cionflone, LinkedIn

Over the past few years, the field of UX research has grown and changed significantly. What does this mean for us as researchers and how can we as professionals equip ourselves to stay up to date with this changing landscape? This talk will leverage the power of LinkedIn data combined with insights from the Mixed [...]

UXD 4.0 : Designing the Human Experience of Data Rich Complexity in Pervasive XR – Prof Karen Cham

The 4th Industrial Revolution requires businesses to understand and harness automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtualization and cloud computing, with 5G enabling a convergence of untethered AR/VR, IoT and real-time localised cloud processing in ‘the FOG’. This generates a pervasive X-Reality data-rich environment that at the moment doesn’t account for end-user experience at all. As [...]

The Different Ways To Run A Moderated User Testing Sessions On Mobile – Ryan McCourt, Userlytics

As mobile device usage continues to skyrocket around the world, the need for apps and sites to work flawlessly on those devices is growing as well. In recent years we've seen big strides in quant and qual metrics and testing methodologies to help improve digital assets when accessing from a desktop, but with mobile a [...]

What is ResearchOps? – Emma Boulton

In March 2018, the ResearchOps Community was formed with the intention of validating and shaping the practice of ResearchOps. Core to the Community was a global research initiative called #WhatisResearchOps. A team of 60 researchers worked together to run 32 workshops around the world to ask researchers about their challenges and triumphs, and their expectations [...]

Being Responsible for 1.2 Billion People – Jack Morgan, Duolingo

There are approximately 1.2 billion people learning a new language, and the majority are doing so in pursuit of a better life. As part of our mission to make education free for everyone, we studied millions of people spanning every country on the planet... until we made a shocking research discovery that led us on [...]

Researching for a brain which is unlike yours – Anniek Veltman, Aiden

You probably know how to do proper research with regular consumers. However, if you’re designing products and services for the general public (like bank apps, insurance websites, personal digital health environments), there’s usually little alternative for users and therefore your product has to work for everyone. So, how ‘regular’ are your users or customers really? [...]

Bridges: A metaphor for UX research – David McCrae, Google

What does it really mean to "build bridges"? The relationships we have with our stakeholders, teams and users all require careful attention and thought to ensure success. In this talk David explores how engineers build bridges connecting people and places across great divides and impassable terrain. With a stronger understanding of how these real world [...]

Beyond Research; Ownership & reciprocity – Wouter van der Kamp, Online Department

Normally the value of proper research is learning about truths and possibilities. But with the right techniques and methods, it can give you a lot more. A deep dive in the secondary effects of UX Research. Learn how these secondary effects help can you to improve relationships with respondents, the adaptation of new products and [...]

3 skills every researcher needs – Lee Duddell, Userzoom

In order to move their organisation’s UX maturity in the right direction, researchers need to develop skills that have little to do with UX. Lee will share the top 3 emerging skills leading researchers have.