About UXinsight
How it started

While talking to other UX researchers a few years ago, it became clear we all wished we had access to our research peers for advice, knowledge sharing and to use as a sounding board. From this, the UX research meetups were born and subsequently the first UXinsight conference.

UXinsight has become a popular and respected international UX research conference. The aim of the event is to give the UX research field and community a boost by sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas.

UXinsight 2020 is the fourth edition, with a still growing international community.

Our Team Members
We are bringing the finest industry experts to speak
Karin den Bouwmeester
Founder of UXinsight - UX researcher
Meike Mak
Program committee - Design Researcher & UX specialist
Carmen van der Zwaluw
Program committee - UX/Design researcher
Nidhi Jalwal
Program committee - UX researcher
Youp van Veen
Program committee - Design thinker & UX researcher
Renée de Wolf
Program committee - UX/Design researcher
Beant Kaur Dhillon
UXinsight writer - Usability engineer/UX researcher
Debbie Slijpen
Event & Marketing manager
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